The Bling Ring: What Would You Raid?

In honor of Hollywood’s most notorious thieves, dubbed The Bling Ring, which has since been created into a film by director Sofia Coppola, I decided it would be fun to find out who you would steal from had you the chance. Now, this post is not to encourage stealing or anything of that nature because that is very malicious and wrong. However, you have to admit sometimes it is hard not to be jealous of celebrities and all of their beautiful material valuables that you just want to get your hands on. So, in a fictional world where you could get away with raiding any celebrities’ closet/home (and fit into all of their clothes and shoes), whose would you raid?

I would definitely raid Khloe Kardashian’s because the girl has beautiful style that fits her body really well. It is edgy yet feminine and depicts her personality, which is something I really love.

Source: Khloe’s Closet
Her closet is to die for! So many designer clothes, handbags, and shoes that a normal girl like me only dreams of owning one day.
Another big reason why I would raid Khloe’s closet is because of her heels, but more importantly her Louboutins.

Photos from

*drool* Look at all those red bottoms! 

A fictitious closet that I would absolutely die to raid is Carrie Bradshaw’s from both The Carrie Diaries and Sex and the City.

Photo taken from Google Images

The closet pictured above is from the second Sex and the City movie where the sexy Mr. Big created a custom closet with a beautiful shoe cabinet all for his new wife Carrie Preston.

Taken from Google Images

Carrie Bradshaw was definitely a very lucky woman. Her style was feminine, yet bold, and blended high fashion with trendiness. The streets of New York welcomed her style and definitely influenced it as well. I don’t think Carrie Bradshaw would be Carrie Bradshaw if she did not live in New York. The city played a large role in her fashion sense.

Then, there was the young Carrie Bradshaw. A specific dress that I really liked from The Carrie Diaries is this green Cooperative Crepe Sweetheart Cutout Dress from Urban Outfitters.

Source: Green Dress

*swoon* The girl had style… even in the 80s. I really wish the 80s would make a comeback. It would have been so much fun being a teen in the eighties and getting to dress up the way they did.

Another closet I would love to raid is Channing Tatum’s, but not for his clothes. Honestly, I would just hide out in there in hopes of catching a peek at him. What girl wouldn’t?! Jenna Dewan is such a beautiful, stylish, and lucky girl– she also graduated from Grapevine High School like me! Both of them are just perfection– especially together.

Then, there is QUEEN BEY herself. I would definitely raid her closet if I had the chance. We all know she loves her designer shoes from Alexander McQueen to Christian Louboutin. She not only has great taste in footwear, but she has amazing style that suits her personality so well and accentuates her beauty. My favorite ensembles are the ones she wears when performing, as well as those she rocks in her music videos. Her outfits fit her hour-glass body perfectly. No wonder women and men love her equally. I know so many girls that are just as obsessed with Baddie Bey as are the guys.

Beyonce and Jay-Z recently allowed the press into their home and showed off their stunning home. Their place is gorgeous (obviously), but of course my favorite part was her closet.

Source: Beyonce’s Closet

Her closet is breathtaking and so classy. It fits her completely and it is huge! Oh Beyonce, just let me live in a corner of your closet. You will never even know I am there. I can just dream of one day having a closet this fabulous filled with clothes just like hers. Can you imagine waking up and walking in here every day to get dressed?!

Although breaking in and stealing items from someone’s home is very wrong, I think it would be fun to see what celebrity closets you would raid if you could so let me know!

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