Favorite Nail Polishes for the Holiday/Winter Season

Clothing, accessories, and makeup are an essential part of any ensemble, but beautifully painted nails really pull a look together. I find myself getting more and more addicted to nail polish, and my collection seems to be growing at such a rapid pace that I am running out of places to store them all– yes, you will probably see me on Hoarding: Buried Alive sometime in the near future!

Anyway, as the temperature drops and the sun slowly starts to fade away– then come back spontaneously a few days later since I do live in Texas– then go away again, I tend to veer toward darker, gloomier gray colors as well as oxblood, dark blue, navy, forest green, and dark purple. So, I wanted to share a few, or probably more than a few, nail polishes with you that I am currently infatuated with.

photo 1

A closer look:

photo 2

From left to right: Essie: After School Boy Blazer, Bahama Mama, Chinchilly, Lilacism, Warm & Toasty Turtleneck; O.P.I.: Steady as She Rose, My Boyfriend Scales Walls; Sinful Colors: Aubergine; Cosmetic Arts: unfortunately, there is no name; GlitterDaze: Custom polish; Urban Outfitters: Blue Jeans; Orly: Charged Up

photo 3

photo 4

After School Boy Blazer is a dark, almost black, navy creme nail polish that applies smoothly and it is completely opaque after one coat; it is definitely not streaky. I am in love with this color and I am currently wearing them on my toes. Once again, I am starting to fall in love with dark almost black colors.

Bahama Mama is an opaque, creamy, and rich berry plum, almost oxblood, color. The application of this polish is a bit streaky, and you do have to work with it, but after two or three coats it looks really stunning.

I bought Chinchilly about a week ago, and I already love it so much. It is a cloudy grayish color with a slightly mauve/purple undertone when you look at it in person.

Lilacism is a lilac creme that looks the best after two coats. It is a bit soft for the winter months, but it is definitely one of my favorites right now.

The last Essie polish is Warm and Toasty Turtleneck. Unfortunately, I have not had a chance to try this one out since I bought it very recently, but just from the color in the bottle I can tell that I love it! It is a mauve, slightly pink lavender creme. I may or may not be in a loving relationship with creme nail polishes.

Steady as She Rose is one of my favorite OPI polishes, and it is from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection that launched a few years ago. It is a gorgeous neutral color with gray and lilac undertones, which really looks beautiful on all skin tones.

My Boyfriend Scales Walls is part of OPI’s The Amazing Spiderman collection, and it is a white gray with a creme finish. After two coats the color is super opaque, and it looks really great on tan or dark skin because it really makes the color pop.

Sinful Color’s Aubergine is a sultry reddish purple. It is a great twist on the classic vibrant red nail during the holidays. Sinful colors is very inexpensive, but the quality is pretty great. This creme goes on smoothly and super opaque. I am a two coater in terms of polish, but with this you really only need one! The color looks a lot pinker and brighter in the photo, but on the nails it looks more deep.

The forest green color from Cosmetic Arts is a stunning opaque color that I am loving for the holidays and winter season. It was only $1.99 from Ross and it applies smoothly with no streaking. The color is also very pigmented so the green is very vibrant!

This GlitterDaze green color was custom made for moi! Well, actually, my sister made this color on accident and it was such a beautiful and unique shade of blue green with a creme finish so I definitely snatched up a bottle. It reminds me of Fly by OPI in their Nicki Minaj collection, but it is not a dupe for it.

Blue Jeans by Urban Outtfitters is just that, a dark denim-like color. I applied two coats to get a super opaque color. I really do like nail polishes from Urban Outfitters. They last awhile without chipping, and they usually have a two for eight dollars sale, which is when I generally buy mine.

Last is Orly’s Charged Up, which is a stunning bright, but deep purple with red and blue undertones, and the finish is a jelly creme– a crelly! I applied three coats when I tried it out because otherwise it was a little streaky and patchy and three coats really brings the color to life!

I am sure my nail polish obsession will continue to grow and that I will have new polishes to add to this list, but for now these are some of my favorites! Hope you all enjoyed this and fell in love with some of the colors like I did!


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