The 2014 Oscars Best and Worst Dressed.

The Oscars is basically the Superbowl for fashionistas and movie lovers, and boy were there some great fashion looks last night, but unfortunately there were also some major flops.





Lupita Nyong’o || Prada

Margot Robbie || Saint Laurent

Kate Hudson || Atelier Versace

Oh, Lupita, Lupita, Lupita, you can do no wrong! She has been killing it on the red carpet, and this simple pastel blue Prada dress is pure perfection! She looks like a goddess, and I love that she kept her look very minimal, allowing the dress to speak for itself. The Wolf of Wall Street beauty looks stunning in this black Saint Laurent dress. I love that she spiced up a simple black dress with a bow in the back. The elegant curls, strong brows and bold lip pairs really well with her dress; Margot Robbie is definitely a stunner. Kate Hudson kept her look so elegant and classy, and the caped dress with a plunging neckline really accentuates her figure. She styled this dress beautifully with soft elegant curls with minimal jewelry and makeup.


Naomi Watts || Calvin Klein Collection

Giuliana Rancic || Paolo Sebastian

Kelly Osbourne || Badgley Mischka

Naomi Watts looks beautiful in this white Calvin Klein Collection dress that looks gorgeous against her fair skin. I love the red lip, which almost looks like a rose color, because it really stands out without being too overpowering. I like that she kept the dress simple, but has a little somethin’ somethin’ going on with the slit and web-like Bulgari statement necklace. As much as I hate anything insect-related, I really do love her necklace. Although I love her dress I am still on the fence about the black heels; I just don’t know how I feel about them paired with that dress. All I know is that I cannot believe she is 45! Giuliana Rancic is such a beauty, and she has such a loveable personality– I would be stalking George Clooney every chance I had on the red carpet as well! Her Paolo Sebastian dress made her look like an Italian princess! I loved the feminine detailing on top with the fuller skirt on bottom. Kelly Osbourne looks like a lilac-haired angel in this white Badgley Mischka dress. How cute does she look in this picture?! Good thing she had an umbrella because water and white do not mix at an A-list event!


 Cristin Milioti || Reem Acra

Olivia Wilde || Valentino

I have never heard of Cristin Milioti, but I definitely noticed her in this gorgeous Reem Acra dress last night. I love how simple, but elegant, this ballet pink dress is and how she chose a dark bold lip instead of accessorizing with a bold statement necklace, which would cover up her beautiful décolletage. A beautifully pregnant Olivia Wilde looks radiant and stunning in a black Valentino dress that is business in the front, party in the back. The high neckline, revealing back, and white stripe down the back really adds the right amount of oomph this dress needed. We all know how quickly a black and white dress can go from being chic to whale-ish, ahem, Ms. Kim Kardashian (I had to), but luckily Mrs. Sudeikis looks flawless and elegant.


 Leonardo DiCaprio || Armani

Kevin Spacey || Burberry

Jack Dawso– er– Leonardo Dicaprio sports a classic Armani tux, and boy does he look good. The 39 year old heart throb has ripened with age and continues to look so dapper on the red carpet. Although he didn’t win an Oscar last night (#PoorLeo) he definitely should get an award for being very well dressed and so easy on the eyes. Kevin Spacey looks so handsome in this blue Burberry tux. We all have heard and seen the horror that is the blue 1950’s prom king tuxedo with ruffles, but this navy blue tux is far from tacky or horrifying. In fact, it is very stylish and alluring. You go, Kevin Spacey!


Jason Sudeikis || Prada

Chris Hemsworth || David August

Does anyone else find Jason Sudeikis extremely attractive? Because I sure do! And, he looked so handsome sporting a Prada suit last night on the red carpet. Not only is he funny, he is handsome, has good hair, and dresses well. *swoon* Another handsome bloke that stole the show on the red carpet last night was Chris Hemsworth who donned a burgundy- meets- eggplant tux that reminds me of a 1960s smoking jacket. Let’s be honest ladies, it is hard not to love him and all of his best-dressed ruggedness! I love that he wasn’t afraid to experiment with some color because it definitely paid off.

Worst Dressed:


 Elsa Pataky || Elie Saab

Sally Hawkins || Valentino

Liza Minnelli || Unknown

Elsa Pataky is such a beautiful woman, but this Elie Saab dress was just awful. It was very unflattering on Elsa’s twin-bearing figure, and the side shot exposes a little too much side boob, but not in a good way. Sally Hawkins’ Valentino dress completely consumed her body– there was way too much of it! The hair, the dress… just no. Oh, Liza.. why? That is all I can ask. I do not understand why she chose to sport this electric blue trouser and top duo (sans bra), and that blue streak in her hair is just so tacky. The Wizard of Oz tribute last night, which starred Judy Garland, Liza’s mother, was so beautiful. It would have been great if Liza wore something more enchanting and glamorous in honor of her mother and the classic film that started it all.


Pharrell Williams || Lanvin

I have no words. I really don’t. I love Pharrell, but I feel like he has really been missing the mark lately in terms of fashion. Yes, fashion has no boundaries or rules, but there are some things you do not wear to such an A-list event, and tuxedo shorts definitely should be a no-no.

Which stars made your best and worst dressed lists?


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