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I recently went on a spontaneous trip for a few days to Austin, Texas with a couple of my girl friends. We decided to go for spring break instead of staying here in Dallas. I absolutely love Austin, the whole vibe, night life, and little quirky shops and eateries are just so cute. The people there are also a lot more friendlier! As much as I love Austin, I could never live there because, well, you have to know how to parallel and reverse park, which is definitely not my forte!

Since I am saving up for my trip to Paris and London this summer I didn’t shop as much as I normally do; I really had to hold back! But, I did pick up some cute, quirky items, and one makeup product, of course!

South Congress Street is a very touristy place with lots of souvenir and antique shops along with food trucks, and different delicious places to eat. We went into Monkey See Monkey Do, which was a cute little knick knack store, and we all know I love to hoard things so knick knacks are my best friends. There I picked up about 20 dollars worth of magnets with funny sayings (it was worth it) and some cool retro looking pens because I am infatuated with all things stationary. My favorite magnet is the “I child-proofed my house but they still get in” because that totally sums up my feelings!


Lucy in Disguise is a really interesting costume shop that we checked out, and they literally had every costume you could ever think of. I really wanted to do a cliche try-on-every-outfit-there-with-your-girlfriends scene like they do in the movies, but, unfortunately, we didn’t do that. I wasn’t going to purchase anything until we stumbled into a different room in the store, which was all about face masks and costume makeup; that is when I spotted it in all of its glory: Ben Nye’s Banana Powder. I have wanted this product for so long and every time I have gone online or to a costume shop in Dallas they are either out of stock, they do not carry it, or shipping charges are just too much. So you better believe I bought the big bottle! This was probably the best moment of my trip to Austin. Oh, and the part where we saw Mclovin (aka Christopher Mintz- Plasse aka The Mother****er from Kick Ass) walking down 6th Street! It was so random, but so cool at the same time!

While taking a gander behind the food trucks we spotted a little market where locals were selling some items they hand made. The table that caught my eye was Lathered in Art. This friendly man was selling handmade soap, but it was not any plain old handmade soap, these soap bars were absolutely stunning and unique. I have never seen anything like it before so I had to buy some to try it out! I love supporting small businesses that have great products, and this was not something I could pass up. I bought four “slices” of his soap in Eucalyptus Spearmint, Laughter, Ocean Breeze, and Vanilla Coconut. The latter of which is now safe and sound with my mother which is why I do not have it photographed. They all smell amazing and they are all such a unique work of art. I love it!


If you have never been to Austin you definitely have to visit it. It is so fun, artsy, and unique! I can’t wait to go back. Hopefully that will be soon!

If you have been to Austin let me know what some of your favorite places are!



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