DIY: Makeup Brush or Lipstick Holder

For all you other makeup junkies out there, I’m sure you’ll understand when I say that keeping your makeup and makeup brushes organized is the hardest part about this obsession apart from the, “Oh no, I’ve spent all my money” aspect. Makeup organizers can be expensive and costly, but fret no more; I have a super simple DIY holder that you can use to organize your brushes, eyeliners, lipsticks or anything you like.

What you will need:
– Clean candle jar
– Uncooked rice, beads or marbles

My DIY brush holder is super simple, but of course you can glam it up any way your heart desires! I like this DIY because you don’t have to really spend much to make it, and it allows you to reuse something you were probably just going to throw away. First, you need to clean out an old candle jar. I have found that the easiest way to clean out a candle jar is to pop the jar in the freezer for a few hours until the wax begins to crack. Then, use a spoon and carefully pop the wax out. It should come out easily. If not, pop it back in the freezer for a while longer and try again. The last step is to pour in some uncooked rice, beads, marbles or whatever you like, and then stick your lipsticks, eyeliners or brushes in. Personally, I use it to store my favorite lippies at the moment and absolutely love it!

Told ya, it’s super simple!


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