Review| NARS Eyeshadow in Persia

Winter is coming (Game of Thrones, anyone?) and that means one thing: warm matte shades. My heart is filled with joy because matte shades have always been my favorite since I began dabbling with makeup years ago, and the following shade is just too perfect.

NARS Persia Eyeshadow Swatch and Review

NARS eyeshadow in Persia

NARS Persia | Imagine yourself adorned in your favorite sweater, sipping on some hot cocoa, sitting by the fire all warm inside while the snow outside continues to fall (unfortunately, this never happens to me because I live in Hell Texas). You feel all snuggly and warm on the inside, don’t you? Well, this eyeshadow shade gives me that warm happy feeling. Is that really weird to admit? Probably. Am I ashamed that I just admitted an eyeshadow color makes me feel all snuggly and warm inside? Not at all.

You would think a matte burnt orange color would be a bit too crazy, but it blends into the crease like a dream. The color is very pigmented so you really do have to tap off the excess and apply it slowly, building up the color to your desired intensity. If you apply a lot all at once it can be very intense and look a bit clownish so you really do have to have a soft hand when working with this if you really want to achieve a beautifully blended out warm eyeshadow look. An eyeshadow brush that gorgeously blends this baby out is the MAC 217 blending brush. I know, I have also been obsessed with that brush, but it’s just too great.

NARS Persia Eyeshadow Swatch and Review

A swatch of the NARS eyeshadow in Persia

The Verdict | You know those scenes in cheesy, but amazing, 80s movies where the geeky female protagonist is at a school dance dressed in a puffy metallic dress, all alone, while some Cyndi Lauper song plays in the background. Then, all of a sudden she spots her high school crush who marches right up to her and whisks her away on to the dance floor? Well, that is how I felt when I saw this shade; I only had eyes for him, and nothing else could compare. Although NARS has a reputation of having some iffy eyeshadow shades that are not very pigmented and apply chalky, Persia is definitely not one of those shades

Persia is my first ever NARS eyeshadow that I picked up a few months back. Even though this product is quite expensive at $25, I think the color, texture, packaging, and everything about it is worth it; I’ve never seen a color like this before. Plus, you do actually get more product in this pan than your average MAC sized eyeshadow. So, if you’re going to splurge while in Sephora I suggest picking up this shade and trying it out for yourself.

Have you tried any NARS eye shadows? Which one is your favorite?

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