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A nude lip color is one that every woman should own. It allows you to play up your eyes and tone down your look, while adding a bit of sophistication. Finding a nude lip color for medium skin tones can be a challenge because you don’t want it to look as if you just applied concealer all over your lips. Luckily, I have found some nude lipsticks, high end and drugstore, that are perfect for someone with a medium complexion and it won’t wash you out or make you look dehydrated.

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The Nude Lip Lineup (L to R)| Too Faced Melted Nude, MAC Yash, MAC Honeylove, Revlon Matte Lip Balm in Complex, L’Oreal Fairest Nude, NYX Retractable Lip Liner in Nude

Too Faced’s Melted Nude | Too Faced recently launched their new line of Melted lipsticks and Melted Nude has quickly become a favorite of mine. This specific shade is a darker, browner nude, but it looks gorgeous on medium and tan skin tones, especially when you pair it with a bronzey glowy look.

MAC’s Yash | MAC lipsticks are really great quality, and they have a bundle of colors, which is why they are so popular. Plus, they’re not as expensive as other mid-range priced brands. Yash is a matte, nudey brown shade that won’t make you look dehydrated or sickly. The consistency is also very creamy and opaque without being extremely drying like some other matte lipsticks from MAC (ahem, Ruby Woo).

MAC’s Honeylove | Another gorgeous nude shade from MAC that is more peachy and rose in tone. This also has a matte finish, but isn’t drying (still looking at you, Ruby Woo). In fact, it’s pretty comfortable on the lips. Since it does have a matte finish, it also lasts on the lips for quite some time. Just make sure they are nice and moisturized otherwise this shade, and any other matte lipstick for that matter, will feel uncomfortable and settle into the fine lines of your lips.


Of course not everyone wants to blow their money on lipsticks. Luckily, the drugstore has some great nude lipstick shades to offer, and it won’t cost you as much as MAC or Too Faced.

Revlon’s Complex | It must be obvious by now, but I love a good matte lip shade. So it’s probably no surprise that I really love Revlon’s Matte Lip Balms. The nude shade, Complex, is a must have in my opinion. These matte balms go on nice and creamy and have a slight peppermint smell, while being a bit cooling on the lips, which I really like. This shade in particular is a peachy nude; it is quite similar to Honeylove, but Honeylove is pinker and a little darker.

Again, this is a matte shade so it will highlight the dry patches in your lips if you have not properly moisturized them. Even though the color is quite opaque, the application can be a bit streaky, but it’s really not bad. Just blend it in with your finger and you’re good to go. Another thing to keep in mind is that this shade looks best on fair to medium skin tones; if you are darker than me (NC40) this lip product could be a bit too light for you.

L’Oreal’s Fairest Nude | Several months ago I decided to pick up this lipstick since I continuously heard about how great it looked on fair to medium skin tones, and as soon as I tried it on I fell in love. This was literally the only shade I wore on my lips for a few weeks, and that’s saying a lot considering I’m a lipstick junkie. Not only is this very creamy and moisturizing, the pink undertone really gives the lipstick some life. I always had a hard time finding a good nude drugstore lipstick that was opaque, but this was a definite game changer. I wouldn’t say this shade is matte, it has a more amplified finish since it does have a bit of a sheen to it, but it’s nothing too crazy—it definitely isn’t super glossy or shiny.

NYX’s Lipliner in Nude | My Holy Grail lip liner; I have three backups of this stuff! Even though this is technically a lip liner, you can use it to line your lips and then fill them in. Sometimes I add a nude lipstick on top, other times I won’t. Regardless, it lasts a long time on your lips and helps any lipstick you put on top of it last longer as well. Again, this is a pinky brown toned lip liner (can you tell I love my brown toned nudes?). I don’t even know what I would do without this lip liner, and I’d rather not ponder on that atrocious thought for too long.

Nude lipstick swatches; MAC, Too Faced, NYX, Revlon, L'Oreal

Top to bottom| Nude, Fairest Nude, Complex, Honeylove, Yash, Melted Nude


What are your favorite nude lipsticks?

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