Products That Calm Irritated Skin

I have semi-sensitive skin, and at times Mr. Dermis gets really annoyed at me for no apparent reason, but especially when the weather repeatedly fluxes between hot and cold. For this reason, I have a few products that I use to calm him back down so I can go on with my day– happy and carefree.IMG_5794



Bioderma’s Crealine Micelle Solution | This stuff is amazing and cleanses the skin very well, removing all of the gunk and dirt out of your pores. Bioderma is all the rage in Europe, and I myself got sucked into the hype while in Paris this summer. This solution is very cleansing and calming due to the cucumber fruit extract. Cucumbers have been used in cosmetics for a very long time because of its soothing and decongesting properties. Swipe this all of your skin on a cotton pad, and your skin will soon thank you.

Lush’s Tea Tree Water | Again, tea tree water is very cool and cleansing so it calms the skin down. The addition of the grapefruit and juniperberry waters balance out the skin tone and keeps your skin free of blemishes. I like to spritz this all over my skin throughout the day whether or not my skin is irritated because it is very refreshing and soothing.

Lush’s Grease Lightening | When my skin is acting up, I like to use more natural products because it is a lot better for your skin. This product is made for blemish prone skin and includes thyme, tea tree, and rosemary, which clean up any dirt from your skin, but the two main ingredients that soothe the skin in this product are the aloe vera gel and witch hazel. I apply this on the spots that are really irritated and soon enough my skin calms down and feels cool and refreshed.


What do you do when your skin is feeling irritated and sensitive? What are your favorite refreshing skincare products?

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