A Fall Dupe| MAC’s Rebel Lipstick

Fall is coming so as we all prepare ourselves for the upcoming season by frivolously spending copious amounts of money on new Fall-appropriate lipsticks (maybe that’s just me), I thought a dupe was in order. MAC is probably one of the most popular brands when it comes to lipstick. Everyone has them; everyone wants them. And, there are certain colors that are cult favorites— Rebel being one of those. Luckily, if you do not feel like spending $16, there is an inexpensive alternative that is almost the exact same color!


MAC’s Rebel & Wet n Wild Sugar Plum Fairy

Rebel | A lipstick shade that looks gorgeous on literally everyone, no matter your skin tone, is hard to come by, but somehow this plummy pink toned satin lipstick does the job, and does it well. I picked up this shade over a year ago now, which is essentially when I really began collecting MAC lippies, and I was so very excited to wear this shade during the Fall and Winter seasons. Since it has a satin formula, it glides on smoothly, and is not drying on the lips. It also lasts several hours and leaves that sexy “just bitten” stain on your lips once it fades.

Sugar Plum Fairy | Wet n Wild is famous for being highly pigmented, yet extremely inexpensive, which is great for anyone who is on a budget that still desires a quality lipstick. Sugar Plum Fairy looks almost exactly the same. It might be slightly brighter and a little bit more pigmented, but other than that it is essentially the same color. Unless you study the two shades extremely closely, you would not even be able to tell the difference. The only thing that sets this apart is the packaging. It isn’t as sturdy as MAC’s packaging so it feels a bit cheap, but I mean, the color is so great that this is a miniscule problem.

MAC Rebel Lipstick Dupe

A dupe for MAC’s Rebel lipstick is Wet n Wild’s Sugar Plum Fairy

Nowadays lots of drugstore brands have stepped up their game and are making better quality and pigmented lipsticks. I used to hate drugstore lipsticks because their color payoff was never opaque enough for my liking, but that is beginning to change quite a bit, and lots of drugstore brands now have great lipsticks at inexpensive prices.

Have you tried any Wet n Wild lipsticks? Which ones are your faves? Let me know in the comments!

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