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Who doesn’t love a nice dark vamp lip in the fall? That is the question. Personally, I think a deep vampy lip looks gorgeous on literally everyone and it really makes your makeup look “fall-appropriate.” You all know I go through my major obsessions. First, it was all purple everything so I would only buy purple lip products. Then I started dabbling in nude lipsticks, fell in love, and purchased every nude lip color I saw. Now, I am obsessed with a vamp lip so any deep dark lip color I see, I have to have it. If you are on the lookout for some dark lip colors, here are five of my favorites! Hopefully you love them as much as I do.

Vampy lip products, MAC, NARS, Kat Von D, OCC, Black Dahlia, Wet n Wild, Train Bleu, Nightmoth, Vampira, Vamp it Up, Review

L to R: MAC Nightmoth, Kat Von D Vampira, NARS Train Bleu, Wet n Wild Vamp it Up, OCC Black Dahlia

Nightmoth | Lip liner is a must when you are applying dark colors since it really makes your lipstick look clean and smooth around the edges. This shade is a very dark purple color, which is not for the faint of heart. It is another MAC product that is loved by many and I love it as well. It is pretty drying since it is a matte shade so it doesn’t glide on as creamily as some lip liners, but I think the color is definitely worth it. Just make sure you don’t have chapped, cracking lips when you apply this otherwise you will absolutely hate it.

Vampira | I purchased this shade a little over three weeks ago and it has become one of my favorites. It is a dark oxblood shade that looks just stunning. I think it would look amazing on everyone from fair to dark skin, especially paired with a subtle brown smokey eye. Since this is a liquid lipstick, applying it can be a bit difficult and messy. If you aren’t going for the Miranda Sings look, I suggest you line your lips and apply this on top, which will help with the application. It can feel uncomfortably dry after a few hours on the lips, but it lasts a long time and still looks amazing even if you feel like it is peeling off. Beauty is pain.. or discomfort in this case.

Train Bleu | A deep eggplant color in the form of a lip crayon. What more can you ask for? The fact that it is in a lip crayon form makes it very easy to apply, especially when the top is nice and sharp. I can’t wait to try this baby out some more as we progress into the fall and winter seasons. Since I purchased this recently I haven’t worn it that many times, but the formula is very creamy and not super drying, which is great for your lips.

Vamp it Up | Wet n Wild lippies are a recent discovery of mine, but I have quickly bonded with the colors I own. I think we are in love. The formula is nice and creamy and it has a slight sheen on it, which might be the reason why it looks a bit sparkly in the swatches above, but there is definitely no sparkle in this lipstick. This is another dark smokey purple color, and it is probably the darkest lip color I own. It is very creamy so it can be a little messy when you apply this. I suggest a good lip liner (maybe Nightmoth, eh?) and some concealer with a brush to clean up the edges.

Black Dahlia | The name itself insinuates that this is going to be a dark blood shade, and it is! If you pack on the color it looks very dark and almost like a black red shade, but once you sheer it onto your lips it looks more like a dark raspberry color. There are two finishes available at Sephora, but I have the matte shade, which isn’t super drying. However, after a few hours it does feel uncomfortable on the lips as many matte shades do. But, it leaves a gorgeous stain once it fades, which is a good thing in my book. It can be a bit goopy to apply so make sure you use a tiny tiny amount on a lip brush and then build up the color slowly. Otherwise, my friend, you will be a hot mess. Minus the hot.

Fall lipsticks, Vamp lips, Red lips, MAC, Nightmoth, NARS, Train Bleu, Kat Von D, Wet n Wild, OCC, Black Dahlia, Review, Swatches

L to R: Nightmoth, Vampira, Train Bleu, Vamp it Up, Black Dahlia

I definitely want to purchase some more vampy lip colors. I may or may not have ordered some more dark lip colors online that are currently on their way over to me. Don’t judge. We’re all makeup lovers here! Once I get them, I will definitely share my new lippies with you all!

What are your favorite vampy lip colors? Let me know in the comments! I could always use some more 😉

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