90’s Movies Perfect for a Halloween Night In

So, you’re not going out this Halloween, but you still want to do something festive. If you’re like me, you prefer the “Disney/ABC” version of Halloween because everything terrifies you (Especially Twisty the clown). Plus, don’t you just miss those 90’s Halloween movies that capture the essence of your childhood? I sure do! So, here are some of my absolute favorite Halloween movies for a night in.

Hocus Pocus| You might be rolling your eyes, but did you really think any Halloween movie list would be complete without the Sanderson Sisters? NOPE. Bette Midler, Kathy Najimy, and Sarah Jessica Parker portraying humorous, lovable, sister witches? YUP. I’ll watch this movie any day any time, and I literally live for Sarah Jessica Parker flying on her broomstick singing the severely hypnotic song “Come little children.”

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Casper| Get an afterlife with this friendly ghost who made the afterlife actually seem fun despite his dysfunctional family. Plus, it has Christina Ricci. Who didn’t love her in the 90s? That is the question. She was definitely the “it” child star, and I completely understand why. Does anybody else wish they had a good-natured ghost friend who would grab them by the ankle and fly out the window? No? Okay.

Halloweentown| Another Halloween classic featuring the beloved Cromwell witches. Halloweentown 1 and 2 are definitely my favorite films out of the series. I desperately miss being a child and watching them every October cuddled under heaps of blankets. I may or may not be doing that again this Halloween…

Mom’s Got a Date with a Vampire| Although this movie first premiered in the new millennium, it is still close enough to the 90s that I had to include it. I had a crush on Adam Hansen (Matt O’Leary) and I am not too embarrassed to admit it. This is a great movie that takes you on a wild journey with the Hansen kids who accidentally set their mother up on a date with a vampire. Now, they must come together to find their mother and stop the evil vampire from turning their mother into an “onion,” I mean minion.

The Addam’s Family| How can you forget about Wednesday Addams? My inspiration, my role model, my one and only (I’m being sarcastic). But, honestly, how can you forget about this wonderfully macabre family? This one is a must, and luckily it’s on Netflix! And again, it has Christina Ricci– ’nuff said

Tower of Terror| You might have forgotten about this film, but I definitely haven’t. I like how the whole story ended up being about sisters, and this was way before Frozen! When I was younger this movie actually really did frighten me, especially that crazy old lady, but now it is just a great movie to kick back and watch on Halloween.

Edward Scissorhands| Johnny Depp and Tim Burton. These are a few of my favorite things. I may have been hiding under a rock or something because I actually hadn’t seen this movie until about a year ago, and boy was I missing out on the greatness that is this film! Johnny Depp performs beautifully in this movie, and it’s not as creepy as you think it will be. In fact, it is more of a dark romantic film, but still a great one to watch on Halloween.

The Haunted Mansion| I know, I know, this movie isn’t from the 90s either, but 2003 is close enough, right? I sure hope so because this is one of my favorite movies in general. It is slightly spooky, suspenseful and funny– I mean it has Eddie Murphy, people.

Coraline| I’m cheating again, but this movie is just so great. The animation is amazing, and it is actually quite sinister and creepy considering it’s supposed to be a children’s film. Even if you’re in your early twenties like me, this is a great movie that is perfect on Halloween night. Prepare to have your buttons pushed, but in a good way!

If you’re actually going to venture out into the world and socialize with other beings this Halloween, don’t forget to check out my Zombie tutorial that is quick and beginner-friendly! It’s especially great for those of you who lead busy lives and don’t have much time to get dressed after work, school or maybe you get invited out last minute and don’t have a costume ready!

What are your favorite 90’s Halloween movies that didn’t make the list? Let me know in the comments!

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