How To| Easily Apply Loose Glitter Eyeshadow For Beginners

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We have all heard the phrase “glitter is the herpes of arts and crafts” because once you get it all over the place, there is no getting rid of it; for months you will find little glitter particles all over yourself and around your house. Well, fret no more because there are ways to apply loose glitter eyeshadow without dousing yourself with glitter on accident. Luckily, there are a few different ways that make applying loose glitter easy and they do not create too much fall out.

How to, how to easily apply loose glitter, mac mixing medium, Too faced shadow insurance, MAC flat shader brush, DUO eyelash glue, NYX glitter, MAC Charged water, MAC Painterly Paint pot, beauty blog, beauty, makeup,

MAC Charged Water| Too Faced Shadow Insurance| MAC Mixing Medium| DUO eyelash adhesive| NYX glitter| MAC 239| MAC Painterly Paint Pot

Things you will need and the products I use|
Cosmetic grade loose glitter || MAC has great ones, but many makeup brands, drugstore and high end, have some. I’m using one from NYX that’s been discontinued 🙁
Flat shader makeup brush || MAC 239
Eye primer || MAC Painterly paint pot
Mixing medium || MAC
Setting spray || MAC Charged water or Fix+
Clear eyelash adhesive || Duo
Kleenex, shadow shield, or napkin

So, let’s begin!

Step One| Pick out your favorite loose glitter eyeshadow and make sure it is cosmetic grade, which means you have to purchase it from a reliable and trustworthy makeup company or manufacturer. Cosmetic grade glitter is completely different than craft grade glitter that you can buy in bulk from craft stores. Although they look the same, they definitely are not! If you decide to say YOLO, which please never use that phrase, and go with a craft grade glitter it can damage your eyes so pay the extra money! Once you have your glitter picked out, it is time to sparkle!

Step Two| Apply an eye primer all over your eyelids. This will keep the glitter from creasing and it will also help the glitter adhere to your eyelids.

Step Three| Grab a flat shader brush as well as the mixing medium– I use one from MAC– and mix it with your loose glitter eyeshadow.

Step Four| Then, pat it all over your lids. Make sure that you pack it on and do not swipe your brush across your lids because this will create more fall out. If you do not have a flat shader brush on hand then you can always use your handy-dandy finger. Mix the glitter with the mixing medium and then take your ring finger, dab it into the glitter mixture and pat it all over your eyelids.

So, to sum it all up|

  • Pick out your favorite cosmetic grade glitter
  • Apply primer on your eyelids
  • Mix the glitter with some mixing medium
  • Use a flat shader brush and pack it all over your lids

It really is that easy if you mix glitter with a bit of mixing medium and pack it on with a flat shader brush. Once your done applying the glitter make sure to use a setting spray to set it all in place and then you’re ready for a night out.

A Couple Alternative Ways|

One| If you do not have mixing medium, but you have some setting spray, spray your flat shader brush with it until it’s damp, but not too damp, dab your brush into the loose glitter and then pack it all over your primed eyelids. Once again, do not swipe the glitter on; you will thank me later. Again, if you do not have a flat shader brush you could use your ring finger and spray it with setting spray, dip it into the glitter and dab it all over your lids.

Two| Eyelash adhesive (one that dries clear) or a primer made for sticking glitter such as Too Faced’s Shadow insurance are two other alternatives. Apply a thin layer of eyelash adhesive, or shadow insurance, all over your eyelid, wait a few seconds so it gets tacky, and then pat glitter all over so it sticks. Spray some setting spray if you have it, and you’re good to go.

If you really want to stop any glitter from falling on to your cheeks, rest a Kleenex on your cheek to catch it. If you have shadow shields that would be even better. Once you are done with your whole look, use a setting spray to set the whole look so it lasts all night!

And there you have it, how to easily apply loose glitter eyeshadow! For beginners, applying loose glitter may seem daunting, but it’s really easy as long as you have the tools mentioned above because in this case it’s all about the products you use. Another tip when applying loose glitter would be to do your eyes first before doing any other makeup because once you’re done with your eyes you can grab a makeup remover and simply swipe away any fallout. If you do your foundation and base before the fallout will stick on to your cheeks and getting rid of it will be harder and extremely messy!

I hope these little tips come in handy especially as we enter the Holiday season when we all want to douse ourselves in glitter eyeshadow.. or maybe that’s just me.

Do you love applying loose glitter eyeshadows during the holiday season? Let me know in the comments!

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